Tuesday, April 8, 2014

English Phrases and Clauses

English Phrases and Clauses
      A phrase is a group of words which acts as a unit and which has no finite verb.
Phrases are of four kinds:
(i)                 Noun, Phrase
(ii)               Adjective Phrase
(iii)             Adverbial Phrase
(iv)              Prepositional Phrase.

Noun Phrases:
            A Noun Phrase is a group of words which acts as a Noun. It may be a subject or object/complement of a verb.
1.       Your bed is really.
2.       Early to bed is a healthy habit.
3.       Reading is a good habit.
4.       Have you enjoyed reading this novel?
5.       The man wants something to eat.
Adjective Phrases:
            An Adjective Phrase is a group of words which acts as an Adjective four qualifying a  noun or pronoun. It may be in the subject part or in the predicate part.
1.       Ali was a wealthy man.
2.       Ali was a man of great wealth.
3.       I like to see a smiling face.
4.       I like to see a face with a smile on it.
Adverbial Phrases:
            An adverbial Phrase includes some adverbs with prepositions and modifies a verb, an adjective or another adverb.
1.       He faced the difficulties in a brave manner.
2.       He faced the difficulties bravely.
3.       They can turned with great speed.
4.       The car turned quickly.
Prepositional Phrases:
            A Prepositional phrase is a group of words beginning with a Preposition.
1.   In spite of his illness, he works.
2.   Besides making a promise, he kept it.